Social Media Strategy

Social media conversation is about real people so we draw on top-quality journalists to research and analyse those conversations.

We provide social media strategy and analysis for leading companies in the following areas:

  • brand strategy
  • reputation management
  • crisis communication
  • recruitment insight
  • mergers and aquisition
  • competitive analysis
  • new product launches

Much of the work we undertake for clients involves highly sensitive subject matter that can affect the launch of new products, the reputation of the company and often its stock price. For that reason we can’t highlight examples of our reporting work here.

However we can say that we have helped FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies:

  • evaluate public sentiment towards a mega-merger with a competitor
  • understand how investors were like to vote on a major rights issue
  • monitor a series of anti-company protests being organised online
  • evaluate the environmental reputational risks of capital works investments
  • analyse the marketing success of a new product recently brought to market
  • plan how to build on the success of a £100 million brand campaign

Please contact us to learn more about our journalism-led social media strategy.