SME Social Media Services

In just five years social media has transformed the way we communicate. Businesses of all sizes have learned to adapt to new customer demands and expectations but the most successful companies realise that social media isn’t simply a new form of PR or marketing. On the contrary it’s a business philosophy that affects and can benefit their entire operations, whether it be selling more products, helping attract new talent or saving money in customer service costs.

Often it is small and medium sized companies that are in the best position to benefit from social media thinking. The reason is simple: social media is about embracing a human response to your customers and, unlike large corporations, SMEs tend to have a closer relationship with their customer and community base.

With this in mind Custom Communication has created a specially tailored Social Media for SME service that will help SMEs understand, embrace and make the most of this new revolution in online interaction.

Consulting and Activation Stages

  1. Initial consulting meeting with company executive team
  2. Social media audit to listen and learn from your community
  3. Key company stakeholder consultation to help understand role of the company within online community.
  4. Install social publishing tools
  5. Train staff to develop social media voice and approach