VW Polo Timeless 50

October 19, 2009

Volkswagen Polo Timeless 50

Quick update on a new social media campaign we’re running for Volkswagen here in the UK. They, with digital agency Tribal DDB, have launched their Timeless 50 list to help showcase the new VW Polo.

The Timeless 50 will be a list of the best and most enduring favourites from the world of fashion, TV, food, design and music. The items have been chosen by a series of media partners and our role is to add some social media value by publishing a mini social blog magazine highlighting the Timeless 50 items and then publishing them on Facebook, Twitter and in other social forums.

The People’s Reviewer

July 16, 2009

We’re involved in a fun social media project at the moment through our roles at Radar DDB. It’s called the People’s Reviewer - a campaign for the Volkswagen Tiguan that, for want of a better explanation, involves finding the next Jeremy Clarkson.

We’ve been working with Tribal DDB to select nine contestants from all over the UK and they’re going to test drive the Tiguan for a week and make a video of their journey/adventure. Then the public get to vote on which contestant they think is the best People’s Reviewer.

Here’s a taster of the madness:

Check out the People’s Reviewer Twitter, Facebook and blog to see how our social media editorial approach is playing out.