Strategy & Intelligence

What We Do

We help companies understand where they fit into the social media universe and how they can better communicate online.

Social media is about real people’s conversations. We base our strategy around listening and learning from social media conversations through conducting social media research and reports. From them we can learn what what customers and potential customers are really interested in and develop a conversational/editorial approach to help companies connect with them.

How We Do It

To understand the ever-expanding social media universe we use a range of conversational monitoring tools including the proprietary software developed by Radian6.

However, because no computer algorithm can understand the nuance of human conversation we take a reportorial research approach to understanding what real people are saying. We have talented journalists who dig deep into the conversational topics and issues affecting your company.

Only by applying this hands-on approach to our research can we be sure of providing our clients with accurate and insightful analysis about online customer conversations.

We’ve Worked With

Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Volkswagen and Diageo, DDB, HBOS, PwC, KPMG,