The C-Tweet Column for The Big Money

January 29, 2010

Bernhard and I have launched a new column over on The Big Money and at our editorial home, Social Media Influence.

It’s called the C-Tweet (kudos to our friend and Big Money editor Jim Ledbetter for coining the name) and it aims to offer insight into how social media and social business within companies are shaping board level decisions and thinking.

Our goal is to amass a body of work/thinking that will go some way to help figure out the model of what a social company/business should be.

We’ll be interviewing the top social thinkers within some of the world’s top organizations and we hope to learn a lot along the way.

VW Polo Timeless 50

October 19, 2009

Volkswagen Polo Timeless 50

Quick update on a new social media campaign we’re running for Volkswagen here in the UK. They, with digital agency Tribal DDB, have launched their Timeless 50 list to help showcase the new VW Polo.

The Timeless 50 will be a list of the best and most enduring favourites from the world of fashion, TV, food, design and music. The items have been chosen by a series of media partners and our role is to add some social media value by publishing a mini social blog magazine highlighting the Timeless 50 items and then publishing them on Facebook, Twitter and in other social forums.

A Gastrokid Book

July 13, 2009

As friends of Custom Communication already know, Matthew moonlights as a food writer on his blog

Next month, the blog will become a book when Wiley & Co. publishes the Gastrokid Cookbook. Talk about social media coming of age.

You can preorder it now on Amazon…..if you’re in that cookbook sort of mood.