Sustainability Snack: PepsiCo UK Charts its Path to Zero

Two years after launching its Path to Zero carbon emissions programme, retail goods giant PepsiCo UK has reported it is making steady progress in its goal to be fossil free by 2023 and making sure all the energy used within its manufacturing and distribution comes from renewable sources within 15 years, Marketing Week reports.

Over the last two years, the company has reduced total energy consumption by 7.3 percent, landfill waste by 88 percent and total water consumption by 14.6 percent,” Business & Leadership reports. “And, although our business has grown by over 15 percent in that time, our carbon footprint has fallen by 3.7 percent.” said Richard Evans, president of PepsiCo UK and Ireland.

To fulfil its plan to make all packaging renewable, recyclable or bio-degradable by 2018 PepsiCo UK will introduce FSC paper-based packaging to its Quaker and Walkers brands within three years. The company also intends to unplug itself from the UK’s water grid within 10 years.

Agriculture is an area the company plans to target, pledging to work with farmers to reduce the carbon and water impacts of their crops by 50 per cent in five years, Business Green reports. Evans says the company “has a responsibility to persuade suppliers and other businesses of the benefits of stripping carbon out of the economy,” it writes.

“Building sustainability and health into our corporate DNA creates longer-term strategic advantage. Sustainable businesses can cut costs, drive innovation, reduce risk, and motivate employees. It can help our retail customers and increase consumer loyalty,” said Evans.

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