Social Media Sustainability Training


Social media has forever changed the way companies communicate. The world of marketing, PR and advertising get it, yet when it comes to communicating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability policies the majority of companies ignore social media altogether. 2011 is the year that will change as CSR professionals increasingly realise the need to connect with social media stakeholders.


This social media in sustainability workshop will give CSR and sustainability communicators a solid grounding in social media strategy and story-telling, including:

  • how the most sustainable companies are communicating their work online
  • how to handle social media sustainability reputation issues and how to prepare for a crisis
  • how to tell effective narratives about important sustainability projects
  • why you need an editorial schedule?- the dos and don’ts of social media sustainability communication
  • how companies can effectively share the information in their annual corporate reports with social media communities.

What You Get Out Of It

This training course draws on the five year’s steep learning curve experienced by the PR and marketing industries in embracing social media strategies and thinking. At the end of this training course you will have a clear understanding of how your company or agency can embrace social media to connect with the various sustainability stakeholders.
This training course also draws on the research undertaken in producing the first of its kind Social Media Sustainability Index – an analysis of how 287 members of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index are using social media to communicate their work.

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