Social Media Crash Course for Executives

Social media is a philosophy that is changing the way the world communicates. In just five years social networking and publishing has been adopted by mainstream society and yet in every major company many top executives feel left behind and bewildered by the way their customers and employees are living online, even as they have to evaluate social media initiatives being proposed by junior colleagues and external agencies.

This discreet, highly focused small group in-house training is specially shaped to help senior executives make better business decisions about social media investment.  Over the course of a single immersive three-hour session, executives will learn how social media is helping the world’s most forward-thinking companies cut costs, improve profits, integrate customer feedback into their internal learning and build a business culture that will equip them to succeed in this brave new online world.

The executive social media training draws on 6 best- and worst-practice case studies from the Consumer Services, Energy, Finance, FMCG, Professional Services, Retail and Technology sectors to show how leading companies have embraced social media as a more open and responsive business philosophy and how those that have ignored this new mainstream form of communication have paid a high price. Each case demonstrates the power of executive level buy-in and how that gives confidence to the entire operation.

What You Get Out of It
By the end of the session executives will have a grounding in the best ways social media can help improve their company and will have access to the following mini-case studies that explain how:

- Sony translated Twitter conversations into  £1.5 million of direct online sales
- Dell turned a $15 million customer service disaster into a cost-saving strength
- Starbucks reinvented its customer engagement culture using social media publishing and research insight.
- PepsiCo reshaped the role of CSR, using good cause-related social media to create a marketing and PR juggernaut.
- Nestle suffered a huge blow to its reputation by failing to designate a senior executive to manage social media interaction.
- General Electric created a social media community project that will directly enhance its clean energy R&D activity.
- How Unilever replaced traditional marketing campaigns with ongoing social media communication.
- Lloyds Banking Group employed social media investigative research and engagement to change customer sentiment during times of crisis.
- BP’s public standing and stock price was decimated by failing to understand how social media could affect its reputation in the wake of the Gulf oil spill.
- Ernst&Young used social media to attract the cream of new business school graduates and, in doing so, steal a march on its Big Four professional services competition.

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