Think Like an Editor


Today’s communications professionals have the ability to reach a global audience with a single Tweet. But so too to do your biggest rivals and critics. It very much is a published or be damned world we live in. In the always-on world of social media communication core editorial skills help brands build successful engagement with their target audiences and community given them information that is useful, informative and entertaining.


This introductory editorial training workshop will teach communicators the basics of thinking like a social media editor including:

- identifying what makes a good story
- understanding how to make content shareable and discoverable
- How to unlock the newsworthy content stored in-house
- Why you need an editorial schedule
- How to identify the digital media story-telling tools that are right for your story
- What mix of professional and in-house content is right for your brand and company

What You Get Out Of It

We can’t teach you the full skills of being an editor in just one session but you will gain a solid grounding in how to shape your communication strategy for an online audience that expects ongoing and engaging editorial content.

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