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Social Media Workshops

Blogging, RSS, podcasting and wikis are fast transforming the world of corporate communication. Today companies need to know how "social media" tools can help and hurt their business.

Following from the success of our recent Blogging4Business conference, Custom Communication is pleased to offer the Blogging4Business Workshop for companies seeking to harness the power of social media.

Our one-day workshop will help you and your employees
understand how:

• Blogs, podcasts and wikis can play an important role in internal   communications and recruitment, corporate marketing and customer   relations.

• Listening to what customers and employees are saying on blogs and      newsgroups can improve and protect your business.

• Tools like Real Simple Syndication (RSS) will dramatically simplify the way   your company receives and sends information online to your key   stakeholders. Think message-targeting on a massive scale.

• Companies need to formulate a blogging policy to protect their brand and

To maximise the value for your employees, we provide an initial social media audit to give a flavour of how your company is perceived by customers. We also liaise with your employees to help identify areas of communication that might benefit from a blogging, podcasting or wiki strategy.

We tailor our workshops to meet your company's communication needs, be it corporate communications, internal communications, public relations or marketing/promotion.

Custom Communication has provided authoritative, easy-to-understand blogging presentations to many companies and at industry events. Our expertise has been featured on radio and TV and we have written extensively on the role of social media.

We provide an on-going commentary at Blogging4Business. Isn’t it time your company joined the conversation?

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