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Our People

Matthew Yeomans

Matthew Yeomans has spent 15 years working with major media companies
as a journalist and editorial consultant.He has held the position of senior online editor at The Industry Standard and he has written for National Geographic, The Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, Time, Wired, Bon Appetit, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Golf Magazine and many other publications.

He wrote a weekly column for the Industry Standard documenting the role of technology in globalisation. Matthew ran his first online news site back in 1996. He has since developed online editorial strategies for covering major political events and corporate conferences. He is the author of Oil: Anatomy of an Industry, published by New Press.

Bernhard Warner

Bernhard Warner has been a journalist for the past 13 years, writing for newspapers, magazines, wire services and online publications in Europe and North America. Bernhard has done production work for television broadcasters and has made numerous speaking appearances on CNN, BBC, Reuters and Bloomberg TV discussing a variety of topics in the fields of media, marketing and technology. Since 1996, Bernhard has been covering the emergence of the Internet for Adweek Magazine, the Industry Standard and Reuters.

At Adweek and the Industry Standard, he participated in the launch of magazines dedicated to online marketing and media. At the Standard, he was a regular contributor to the Media Grok, a forerunner of diary news blogs.
For Reuters, Bernhard managed a team of a dozen journalists, coordinating coverage of the Internet, media and technology sectors across Europe.

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