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Reporting Services

Business Intelligence

Custom Communication has over 25 years professional journalism experience reporting, writing and editing for the top global media organizations.
Whether it’s brand intelligence, white papers/case studies on industry trends, bespoke reporting in advance of an M&A or a new product launch, Custom Communication provides you with top-quality on-demand journalism.

We scan thousands of different information sources - including mainstream media, trade press, advocacy publications and the blogosphere - to keep you ahead of the competition.

Our reporters have expertise in many areas, including technology, retail, energy, the environment, finance, tourism and lifestyle. We can tailor our reporting for the whole company or just a few key stakeholders.

Blog Monitoring/Auditing

Somewhere, out there in the blogosphere, someone is talking about your industry and maybe your company. What they say might please you or it might shock you. Shouldn't you know what bloggers are saying and how to take part in fastest growing area of the Internet?

Custom Communication provides specially tailored monitoring of blogs, podcasts, newsgroups and messageboards to help you keep track of the consumer conversations taking place around your company and your brand.

Unlike online clipping services and so-called intelligence software, we apply real reporting and analysis to identify the information and chatter relevant to your operations.

Brand Mining

Paying attention to the conversations that consumers have about brands and services offers an amazing window in to the minds of your customers.

Custom Communication provides bespoke brand mining reporting on existing and new products. We are able to analyse how your brands are viewed by consumers today and how that may change in the near future.

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