Events and Conferences

We provide one of the most innovative and comprehensive approaches to covering company conferences and events available.

We have the ability to plan and execute all set, lighting and sound design as well as managing whatever audio/visual needs you have during the event. We create specially tailored event blogs to help you reach a target audience that is not physically at the event.

Using the blog publishing platform, we are able to:

• Provide important pre-event/meeting information for your target audience.

• Report the whole event/conference in a journalistic style.

• Provide photographic coverage of the event.

• Provide live webcasting and podcasting of key speeches and interviews.

• Offer a feedback channel for employees to ask questions and provide input   on the event as it takes place.

Post event, your employees can refer back to what they learned (or what they missed first time around) by reading the blog coverage and accessing the audio and visual content we provide. We also offer a specially produced DVD of the event that you can distribute to your employees.