In the Media

Custom Communication often is asked to comment on social media and online editorial matters. Here is some recent coverage.

Dec. 2010 – US News & World Report: Social Media Jobs Report

Dec. 2010 – Fortune: Are Social Media Jobs Here to Stay?

Nov. 2010 – Guardian Sustainable Business: What Sustainability Needs to Learn from Social Media

Nov. 2010 – Ad Age’s Digital Next

Oct. 2010 – Ad Age: Social Media Screw Ups, A History

Oct. 2010 – Reputation Online: Eight Social Media Screw Ups to Avoid

Sept. 2010 – ReadWriteWeb: Social Media Jobs Are a Bright Spot for Recent Grads

Sept. 2010- Newsweek: Create Your Dream Dotcom Job

April 2010 – CNN: How Can Small Companies Make Money From Social Media

Feb. 2009 – Q&A with eConsultancy on Social Media Measurement

April 2006 – BBC – Business Bites the Blogging Bullet

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